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The Classic Cargo Trailer

Our Standard Series Trailers are built Anvil Tough and come with a robust list of Standard Features.  Our enclosed cargo trailers come in a multitude of sizes and widths. Upgrades and customizations are available.  Check out our Blackout, Motorcycle, Race, Concessions, and the unbeatable Pro Series Packages for turnkey customization, or add countless other options available for custom trailers.

standard cargo trailer

Our Standard Series Trailers are built Anvil Tough and come with a 5 Year Warranty.  Our trailers are built ready for fun or work!  Click the sizes below to see the features included.

Pro Series cargo trailer

Our Pro Series Trailers take it up a notch!  Pro Series trailers are truly built for the PROfessional!   Anvil Pro Series Trailers come with a 6 YEAR Warranty!

Package Upgrades for Cargo Trailers

Need Detailed Specs on a Trailer?

Cargo trailers come in all sizes and capabilities.  We want you to have all of the information you need to start with the right size. 

Financing is Available for Anvil Trailers

Anvil Trailers are approved for retail financing by two industry-leading lenders.  See your Dealer for details.

Backed by one of the nation’s largest financial holding companies, Truist, we offer innovative financing options, friendly service and quick credit decisions.


Fast and confident passion purchases by making financing as easy as cash, creating access through fair credit products for underserved consumers, and offering a delightful digital-to-retail experience.

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